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EXPLORERS GUILD: [Briny Buccaneers]
Date Joined: 10/12/13
Current Funds: 3 St

Merits: --
Strikes: --


Species: Buizel
Nature: Lax
-Characteristic: Often dozes off
Gender: Male                    Age: 19
Ability: Swift Swim

Strength:  2                Agility: 3(+2 Water Type)
Intelligence:  3            Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Water] -> [ +2Agility]

Aqua Jet (“Not only is this good in a fight, it helps travel to far places a bunch!”)

Water Pulse  (“A few different ways to use this one I found out…depends on how long you concentrate with it in your paws before you launch it. The longer you keep it, the more powerful it will be for a single enemy whereas if you quickly make a water pulse and throw it, you can knock down a few guys for a few seconds advantage.”)

Ice Punch (Ahh…like me ol’ man used to tell me “Remember son….if any lubber tries ta give ye trouble, don’t be ‘fraid ta give ‘em a cold frosty!”)

Water Gun  (“I’m a pretty good shot when it comes down to it, just ask me family!”)


-Accessory Voucher (Mission 1 bonus reward) ----Description: (One voucher for free use of Chantelle’s  Accessory Customization Service) “Aye…now I know jus’ what ta do withis…jus’ not at the moment!”

-Item 2

-Item 3


Gender:                     Age:

Strength:                   Agility:
Intelligence:               Charisma:

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [type] -> [stat]

Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4


-Item 1

-Item 2

-Item 3

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

*A small grunt* “Mmmm… looks like rain be comin’ taday”

I say as I begin ta make me way back ta th’ Explorer’s guild hall, this time a bit easier, given me run in with that fellow Cuffin. As I look around..I see th’ streets be busy again, ‘mons bustlin’ this way an’ that, mos’ lookin’ up ta th’ sky once er twice as they decide where ta set up shop. Mos’ try fer shade jus’ in case rain does make its way ta th’ town, but either way, I personally don’t mind th’ rain, it’s refreshin’!

But this mugginess ‘bout th’ air, it be keepin’ me a lil’ sluggish, good nappin’ weather if ye ask me…but first, ta th’ Explorer’s place ta be officially placed in their crew.

After a moment a lookin’ down  at ‘ow busy th’ main street be, I decided ta take some o’ th’ small side streets, those that I were first lead through th’ town with. So I hopped offa th’ roof o’ a nearby tavern an’ began makin me way in th’ less crowded alleyways.

Aye, coulda taken th’ rooftops since I started on one…but given ‘ow sluggish I be feelin’’ th’ fact I can barely see past th’ fur in fronna me eyes, I figure it be best ta avoid injury, so th’ streets it is! Mus’ say though…the smell o’ water ‘bout the air gave me a good feelin’ fer some reason…guess it reminded me o’ home, so I made me way with a light hearted attitude ta th’ guild’s hall.

Soon as I walk through th’ heavy wooden door, I look around an’ see th’ hall full o’ fellow explorers, much better sight then th’ barren room that was durin’ th’ big beastie’s attack. Ta me left there be a small pedestal made o’ stone with a signin’ book..guess ye gotta sign in each time ye enter here..? Eh, either way, I walked over an’ signed as best I could m’name on an empty line. After th’ signin’, I turned back around an’ began ta walk about th’ room, glancin’ at everyone, givin’ a small nod an’ smile to anyone I thought was starin’, but I guess nobody was, fer th’ mos’ part.

There was this one servine ‘oo kept starin’..a little unnerving it was, I began ta blush a bit, though me fur covered most a it…was never good at keepin’ eye contact without goin’ red. But anyways..I decided ta venture over an’ see why she kept starin’.

“My my, we just cleaned up the HQ too, I didn’t think fur clumped up that fast!”

She said as I approached, at this I looked down a bit, but didn’t take offense ta it…moreso fer some reason I always enjoyed hearin’ cracks about how “poofy” one o’ me family called it, I be. Me only problem is…I ain’t too witty with jokes…so mos’ o’ th’ time I don’t ‘ave somthin’ ta follow up, so I jus’ looked up at ‘er, gave a small smile an’ chuckled.

“Aye…well this ‘ere clump a fur be part a yer crew, jus lookin’ around th’ place now that there’s no danger afoot.”

That’s all I could say...I looked down, m’face a bit redder since it wasn’t witty…gah I always wanted ta learn ‘ow to be witty…jus’ gotta find a teacher. But, anyways, she smiled warm and welcomin’ ‘least that lessened me embarrassment.

“So you are new! I kind of figured since I saw you sign in. So, how about a name to match the half of the face I can see?”

“Oh! ‘Pologies…M’names Slick, miss.”

I say as I lift up th’ fur coverin me eyes so at least she knew what I did look like. Aready a great first impression, forgettin ta lift th’ fur outta me eyes so nobody can see me, but I’ve always been one ta be messin’ up.

She seemed ta lower ‘er guard once she got m’name…so I guess that be good, I lookd at ‘er fer a moment befer she stared back at me an’ said

“Slick huh?” She smiled

“It’s good to meet you…ahh no need to be shy! My name’s Teresa, I’m one of the Guild Assistant’s here, so I’ll be one of your Serperiors.”

Took me a moment ta realize, but I got it, so I smiled

“Ahh..I see what ye did there, good one. A pleasure t’ meet ya Miss Teresa.”

I gave a small chuckle ta th’ joke, though in me honesty, it didn’t hit me funny bone too hard, but I feel bad if I don’t laugh at a joke…so..that’s what I did.

She chuckled quietly befer speakin’ again

“Now I don’t care about the ranks, but I do care about honesty, if my jokes suck, don’t be afraid to tell me alright? But I appreciate the chuckle, I haven’t got many ‘mons with that today.”

My eyes light up “Right..*ahem* Miss Teresa, me apologies, though I’d say I heard worse, it was funny ta me since I be one fer puns.”

She nodded an’ giggled fer a brief moment, then a vine came outta ‘er back an’ was held out in fronna me, I took it as a gesture fer a handshake, so I took me right an’ shook with it. Now, in all honesty, I mussay I always did like th’ move vine whip, it always seemed as if it’d be a huge help in many places outside a th’ use for fightin’, like cleanin’ er th’ like.

 After shakin’ with ‘er vine she studied me fer a moment, I slowly put down m’fur coverin’ me eyes, she said

“So...what brought you to good old Andalusst? You a resident or you from out of town?”

I smiled, I got nothin’ ta hide ‘ere so I told ‘er

“I came ‘ere ta start me own adventure, an’ begin makin’ me own stories ta tell me family livin’ on a ship travellin’ the seas. Always heard excitin’ stories from ‘em, but ne’er ‘ad me own tales ta tell, I figure ‘ere might be a good place ta start, already ‘ave one actually!”

I said a little excited, I just realized…I did ‘ave a story already! Th’ big statue an’ its rampage through Andalusst!

"Adventure huh? Well you’re in the right HQ for that. Now, since I haven’t checked the papers yet of our rookies, I haven’t got a chance to learn any team names, you got one in mind or not yet?"

I gave a small nod an’ placed me right paw on me chest an’ bowed

“Team Briny Buccaneers at yer service!”

Even if I be shy, that ain’t an excuse ta let yer manners fall through, granted I did let it jus’ a bit when I first started talkin’ ta Miss Teresa…but that be beside th’ point.

“Now there’s the confidence I’ve been looking for!”

She said excitedly, I rose up from bowin’ slowly, red-faced again. Guess she noticed me embarrassment since ‘er smile faded a bit.

"Or at least there it was, that’s what we look for in the Explorer’s Guild, most of the time we say don’t have too much confidence or you’ll end up in trouble, but for you I’d say don’t be shy and get some more confidence in you, I’m sure you have it somewhere inside!"

She looked down again, I did too jus’ because… eh guess I ain’t makin’ too good an’ impression, but I look back up again an’ shift in me place with a foot forward ta give me a more…confident pose ‘opefully, if they want confidence..then I’ll be workin’ straight away ta make it so! After a minute ‘er so, she claps ‘er ‘ands together and looks back at me again with an inquirin’ stare.

"Ah! The most important question I had for you! What made you want to join the Explorer’s Guild?"

Gyah…this was also an easy question fer me!

“Yer sense a duty ta yer fellow crew an’ ta th’ people ye be near, ya make sure yer crew an yer people be safe, an’ throw yerselves in th’ midst o’ danger ta save someone if the need calls fer it, ta me, that be honorable, so I decided ta join cause I share most a yer ideals.”

She seemed ta perk up again from me explanation and got excited, speakin’ faster than ‘ow she previously did.

“That’s right! Take care of the people and your fellow members! There’s a lot of food and materials that can be found in the dungeons scattered across here and there that could help a lot of people in need! You got the right idea!”

I smiled at this, fer I knew this was me place ta be, a place where I could make me family proud! Now, Miss Teresa seemed to be pacin’ a bit, my guess was that ‘er thoughts were goin’ a mile a minute. But she looked back an’ eyed me up, I tilted me head slightly.

"Hmm, so what about your talents? Do you have any? I don’t mean to sound rude, I just want to know, everyone has a talent, so what’s yours?”

I scratched th’ back o’ me head an’ looked down thinkin’ fer a moment, never really thought ‘bout this except fer when Cuffin asked me..but I don’t remember that answer too clearly…though I always knew one thin’ I ‘ad, so I said

“Well…one thin’ I do ‘ave ta offer th’ guild be me honesty an’ manners…oh! An’ I got a knack fer thinkin’ out plans o’ attack in the midst o’ a battle! They happen ‘ere an’ there, but most o’ th’ time, they always help out in some way.”

Miss Teresa nodded, still pacin’ but now faster, ‘er smile growin’ bigger. I keep scratchin’ th’ back o’ me head.

"Honesty I can see, no matter what question I gave you, you always took thought in it and answered with full decisiveness! I know you put in a hundred on what you do just by how you answered! No doubt you’ll do fine with us. But if you ever need any help come find me, it looks like there’s many more rookies to meet so I need to say farewell for now, it was nice meeting you Slick!"

I smiled.

“Aye, was a pleasure Miss Teresa, have a good afternoon!”

She nodded with a smile an’ walked off inta th’ crowd a’ newly arrived ‘mons. I began ta make m’way outta th’ guild hall fer some fresh air. Though I mussay, I felt good after me conversation with Miss Teresa. Soon as I get outta th’ door, I feel th’ cold drops o’ rain fallin’ from th’ skies. It felt good on me fur though, was gettin’ warm in th’ hall.

But…now that I be officially in th’ crew o’ th’ Explorer’s…me adventure can truly begin! So I set off fer now ta rest an’ begin tamorrow, fer with every new day, there be a new chance ta make a good story.
Ahh! Got it done...hopefully its good enough ^^;, as I say, always askin' for constructive criticism, any and all is appreciated! An' don't be afraid either, be as critical as possible please ^_^

Old App Link: thetravelinbuizel.deviantart.c…

Mission 1 Link: thetravelinbuizel.deviantart.c…
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